the KEE saf plants are available as
compact packaged plants or as packaged modular systems

KEE EnviroSAF biological reactors

The KEE EnviroSAF, Submerged Aerated Filter Biological Reactor, forms the aerobic biological stage of a packaged wastewater treatment system. The SAF plants are available as compact packaged plants or as packaged modular systems.

These will treat municipal or industrial wastewater to achieve degrees of treatment, such as BOD removal, Nitrification and/or total Nitrogen reduction and Phosphorus reduction. Packaged KEE EnviroSAF plants are available in a range of specifications or can be custom built.

The process involves primary settlement and removal of gross settleable solids, aeration through easily accessed fine bubble membrane diffuser system and diffusion of organic pollutants into the biomass. The first stage can be operated in anoxic mode for Nitrogen reduction.

The standard KEE EnviroSAF packaged plant tank is made from either GRP or steel plate and can withstand hydrostatic and ground pressure. Units can be adapted for aboveground installation.

The modular configuration of the KEE EnviroSAF Packaged Plant with a single SAF Reactor is capable of treating wastewater up to 1000 PE (population equivalent). Larger flows can be treated through multiple packaged reactors or larger units constructed in situ in concrete or fused glass coated steel panel tank.

KEE fixed price operation and maintenance contracts are available for all types of SAF.